Anita Le Sech is a British Contemporary Abstract Artist who was born in the Channel Islands and raised on the island of Jersey.   Growing up on the island, she was surrounded by the countryside as well as the beautiful sandy beaches that the island is renowned for.  Enjoying the outdoors, it gave her the creativity to use her imagination and allow her artistic talent to grow.


Anita has always been interested in Contemporary Abstract art from a young age with her biggest influences being  Jackson Pollock  as well as Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Kline.


Anita enjoys travelling and has travelled extensively around the world, spending time in South East Asia, Australasia, the Amercias as well as Europe.  After spending almost 17 years in London, she is now based .on mainland  Europe whereby she is able to participate in a number of exhibitions throughout the year..


Anita’s produces all sizes of work but her preference is large canvases as she loves their huge presence.   Being that Anita makes her own canvases, there is no limit on size, therefore  she is able to cater for homes as well as businesses.


Her medium of work is varied.  She uses all types of paints from oils, acrylics to emulsion. Anita loves texture on her paintings and to achieve this, she uses cement, polyfila and other adhesives to create this affect. For added affect she also uses wood, stones, fibre glass resin and wax.


Her paintings have been described as complicated but with an edge to  mesmerising and colourful with huge presence. 

© 2019 by Anita Le Sech

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